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Happy Sunday loves !!

Are you having a good weekend so far ?? To conclude this week I wanted to make a short summary of it, and considering that a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the photos that I posted this week on Instagram (@thestilettoholic)

Hope you like them !

Love <3


Bon Dimanche mes amours !!

Est ce que vous passez un bon weekend ?? Pour conclure ma semaine en beauté, je voulais en faire un petit résumé, et étant donné qu’une image vaut mille mots, voici les photos que j’ai posté cette semaine sur Instagram (@thestilettoholic)

J’espère qu’elles vous plaisent !

Love <3

Welcome to cabaret !!

Pic from the post “It’s only Rock’N’Roll”, now on the blog !

Well hello youuu delicious toffee cake !!

My favorite pic from the post “Black & White”

Diner with my sister !!

Everytime I Come here it reminds me how much I love my city !

I miss the sun sooo bad !! ☀

Candles, TV and my dogs= perfect cocooning Monday night :)

Playing in the snow with Casimir !! ❤

You don’t know how much I love you !!

Place de l’Opéra at night time ! <3

When it’s snowing I’m like a child !! ⛄

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