Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Good morning everyone !

Here’s the outfit that I was wearing yesterday ! Let me introduce you my new coat bought in sales ! I already love it so much ! I associated it with my dalmatian pants which you might already have seen in that post. I decided to stay sober by only wearing black tones in order not to look like a christmas tree :p

What are your plans for the weekend ? Today I’m going to see my guy best friend, I haven’t seen him for sooo long ’cause he lives in the south of France.. He’s finally coming to Paris for the day ! And tonight I’m going to Cabaret !! Let me tell you that I’m excited 😀 Of course I’ll show you all the pics in the next posts so stay tuned !

Happy Saturday <3


Bonjour à tous !

Voici la tenue que je portais hier ! Laissez-moi vous présenter mon nouveau manteau acheté en soldes ! Je l’adore déjà ! Je l’ai associé à mon pantalon dalmatien que vous avez peut-être déjà vu dans ce post. J’ai voulu rester sobre en ne portant que du noir pour ne pas ressembler à un sapin de Noel :p

Quels sont vos projets pour ce weekend ? Aujourd’hui je vais voir mon meilleur ami, je ne l’ai pas vu depuis un bail parce qu’il vit dans le sud, à Lyon.. Il vient enfin à Paris pour la journée ! Et ce soir je vais au cabaret !! Je peux vous dire que je suis plus qu’impatiente 😀 Bien sûr je vous montrerai toutes les photos dans les prochains posts donc restés connectés !

Très bon Samedi <3

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

Dalmatians pants: Act II

I was wearing:

Coat: Suncoo


Pants: H&M

Booties: Minelli

Necklace: L’Atelier de Fabi

Watch: Louis Pion

Chain bracelet: Tiffany & Co.

Other bracelets: H&M

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47 responses to “Dalmatians pants: Act II”

  1. B. says:

    That is such a lovely quote and a great find! How good are the sales, lately? Le sigh!

  2. Cammie says:

    Awesome pants! Love the back&white look

    x Cammie

  3. The Provoker says:

    Love the minimalist leopard print trows. You should check out my Céline inspired outfit post featuring their Palazzo pants from the show (thank god I got it 70% off at sales), tell me what you think even if you’re only slightly provoked by it lol 😉

    xx The Provoker

  4. Rita Santos says:

    Wooow Perfect outfit, dear! I really love it!
    You would like follow each other on instagram and facebook? Tell me…

    Big kiss,

  5. Eva says:

    J’adore le manteau, très élegant et sobre sur ce pantalon plutôt extravagant. Un super look! Bravo!

  6. Omg, I love love love those pants! Perfect for this year since black and white prints are huge!


  7. milex says:

    this is called love.

  8. Tesa says:

    great look, I love your pants!

  9. Right amount of bling to let the pants stand out~ soooo darn good of a post!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  10. aleena says:

    your are really pretty and love ur chic style


  11. Beyoce says:

    J aime ce pantalon…. J avais des doutes à l acheter … Mais maintenant j en ai plus tu le portes très bien!!!


  12. jamie-lee says:

    You are so lucky, I love those pants, wish I had them myself. Looking chic, I love that you kept the colour palette simple x

  13. Marta says:

    You look absolutely stunning in these photos
    Oh now these boots are just pure perfection. SO gorgeous


  14. milynn says:

    Those pants are lovely! Looks great on you!

  15. Prisca says:

    Fan de ton nouveau manteau!

    Les filles, les soldes c’est par ici : http://wittybyprisca.blogspot.com/2013/01/good-deal-chez-du-createurcom.html

  16. Sweet Perdition says:

    esos pantalones son lo mas!! me gusta tu look!


  17. Kelley says:

    Great wrist-swag!

    Good thoughts from Washington, D.C.,
    x Kelley of Stylesmiths

  18. Kendra says:

    Gorgeous pants, they look great on you!
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC or bloglovin’??



    Ohhh by the way we have a great giveaway on at the moment!

  19. Kate says:

    love your pants, they are fabulous:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  20. Helen says:

    Amazing look, love it

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare 🙂




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